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Rolling Loud

In 2019, Rolling Loud, the single biggest hip-hop festival in the world, launched in Australia with a bang, enjoying incredible results. We partnered up with PR company Example, here’s an at-a-glance overview.

UI / UX Design

I was tasked with designing the Rolling Loud Australia website.

Website Development

The website was developed in-house, using the latest software & up-to-date technologies.

Marketing Campaigns

The launch of Rolling Loud included a hugely successful communications strategy.

194,000+ Website Visitors

Rolling Loud had over 40,000 unique visitors on launch day.

5.3M Reach

An audience reach of 5.3 million on all channels, including social.

38 Minutes

A complete sell-out of all 19,500 tickets in just 38 minutes.

“So in 2019 an Australian festival dedicated to the genre, hosted by an established brand, makes a lot of sense. The sales reflected this demand: Rolling Loud sold all 20,000 of its tickets in a single day.”

- The Guardian

“Rolling Loud Sydney 2.0 went ahead as promised, bringing the biggest collection of hip-hop acts Australia has ever witnessed under one roof.”

- GQ

The Australian Rolling Loud website features a dark theme, taking inspiration from the US Rolling Loud website. This allows for the vibrant imagery to take stage, front and center! My goal was to design a website that would stay true to the Rolling Loud brand, and allow users to feel a sense of familiarity.

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